Performance type: Dj Set
Represented territories: South America
In collaboration with: Yoyaku

Sometimes, two universes meet each other’s and merge to create one entity to make the magic happens. One of the best example is Zendid. Two producers with a real creative talent decided to mix their skills under one name. The result is a classy selection of tracks with a direct effect on the crowd.

Producing is one thing, but Zendid take all his sense behind the decks, with a true dexterity to make people dance.

Appearance: Closer, Kiev / Concrete, Paris / Resolute, New York / Club Guesthouse, Bucharest / Goa club, Roma / Vbx, Amesterdam / Gazgolder, Moscow / Checkpoint, Barcelona / The block, Tel Aviv / Fuse, London etc..

Labels: Timeframe, Dis&Dat, Elephant Moon, Cure Music, Discobar, Park&Ride, Yoyaku